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Professional Writing for Social Work Practice

Daniel Weisman, Joseph Zornado

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This invaluable guide helps social workers develop the writing skills necessary for a successful career. Actual examples drawn from all arenas of social work demonstrate strong and problematic writing. Organized around the core social work curriculum, the book’s examples are applicable to every foundation course. Each example begins with field notes and proceeds through drafts to the final version, with explanations about corrections. Readers learn by doing through exercises interspersed throughout. Written by a social work and an English professor, the book provides a fusion of writing and practice, covering all the tools necessary for developing professional social work writing skills.

Key Features:

  • Provides chapters for each of the BSW/MSW foundational courses (HBSE, Practice, Policy, Research, and Fieldwork) to exemplify writing expectations in each area.
  • Juxtaposes original drafts and corrected final versions with explanations about corrections made to highlight common mistakes.
  • Includes writing samples used in actual practice such as research reports, court documentation, grant applications, intake forms, progress notes, press releases, and case assessments that exemplify every day challenges.
  • Provides self-assessments and exercises to help readers identify their strengths and challenges.
  • Highlights typical writing challenges including sentence structure, punctuation, use of voice and excessive verbiage, and sample resumes and cover letters, providing a valuable lifetime resource.
  • Encourages practice in writing in different contexts and with different audiences to prepare readers for working in any social work venue.
  • Covers legal and ethical issues and writing to influence policy and transmit research findings.

New to this edition:

  • Emphasizes writing fundamentals (new Ch. 1) by breaking the process into steps from note taking, to rough drafts, to editing the final version, to help students master most writing tasks.
  • Connects critical thinking (new Ch. 2) and cultural competency skills (new Ch. 3) to writing and infuses this information throughout the book.
  • Addresses CSWE 2015 EPAS and competencies to better prepare readers for writing professional documentation.
  • Discusses the use of the APA style used in social work practice.
  • Provides instructor’s resources including Power Points, a sample syllabus, and assignments, tips, and activities for using the book in writing and foundational courses.

Designed for writing-specific social work courses such as interviewing and documentation, professional seminars, as well as writing modules in all BSW and MSW foundation courses, this book is ideal for anyone interested in strengthening their social work writing skills.

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effective writing, cultural competence, grant writing, human behavior, research reports, professional writing, social work practice, agency-based writing, social policy, critical thinking