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Fast Facts About Religion for Nurses

Implications for Patient Care

Elizabeth Johnston Taylor (Hrsg.)

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The only concise reference about spiritual belief systems that is clinically relevant to nursing care

Distilling the religious and spiritual practices of more than 30 distinct belief systems, this unique nursing reference provides quick access to essential information. The invaluable resource spells out clinically relevant information from each tradition and provides nursing implications for each religion or denomination.

Written by an internationally known scholar on spirituality, religion, and nursing care, the book was also reviewed by experts on each tradition and belief system. Individual chapters focus on a religious tradition or group of related traditions and includes a brief socio-historical context of the religion, beliefs and practices pertinent to health and health care, and bulleted information about nursing implications for obstetric, perinatal and pediatric care. Acute and chronic care, hospital and community-based care, and end-of-life care are also covered. The resource provides useful assessment tips, comforting messages, resources for further support, and additional guidance to help nurses practice religiously sensitive care.

Key Features:

  • Written in consistent, bulleted format for speedy access to information
  • Covers more than 30 religions, denominations, and cultures encountered by nurses in North America
  • Provides religious information specific to nursing care
  • Includes assessment tips, comforting messages, and resources for additional support
  • Serves as a text for undergraduate and advanced practice nursing students

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