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Social Work Practice

A Competency-Based Approach

Selina Matis, John Poulin

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Pädagogik


This primary social work practice text, built around the nine core 2015 CSWE competencies, is the only book available that provides students with the benefits of a fully integrated competency-based approach. Social Work Practice: A Competency-Based Approach immediately immerses students in the competencies required for social work practice at the micro, mezzo and macro levels. Designed for use in both upper level BSW and foundation level MSW social work practice courses, the book is uniquely structured to deliver the knowledge and skills students need to develop mastery of the professional social work competencies.

Chapters provide a comprehensive overview of the theories, concepts, and practice components related to each competency. Engaging vignettes, chapter objectives that outline key concepts, abundant case examples, critical-thinking questions, and a detailed case summary with discussion questions in each chapter, help students deepen their understanding of practical applications of the nine core competencies. Each chapter uses the same case to perfectly illustrate the complexity of social work practice and the interconnections among the professional competencies. A robust supplementary instructor package includes PowerPoints, competency-based class assignments with grading rubrics, and sample syllabi. Print version of book includes free, searchable, digital access to entire contents.

    Key Features:
  • Uniquely organized with a fully integrated competency-based approach
  • Devotes one or more chapters to each of the nine CSWE professional competencies
  • Delivers abundant case studies that facilitate in-depth understanding and integration of competencies
  • Provides case vignettes, critical thinking and discussion questions, and chapter summaries
  • Includes supplementary instructor resources such as PowerPoints, group discussion questions, and competency-based written assignments with grading rubrics
  • Offers sample syllabi for two separate one-semester courses and a seven-week online course
  • Includes Student Resources, featuring online forms, templates, exercises, plans, and more to provide students with ample practice opportunities

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