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101 Primary Care Case Studies

A Workbook for Clinical and Bedside Skills

Sampath Wijesinghe (Hrsg.)

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Real-life primary care case studies* from more than 50 primary care providers, including physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and physicians!

101 Primary Care Case Studies offers real-life patient scenarios and critical thinking exercises to help you work through a patient’s chief complaint. Through narrative case studies, you will determine how best to diagnose, treat, and manage your patient based on the history of present illness, review of systems, relevant history, and physical examination findings. This workbook will ask probing questions to help you determine differential and most likely diagnoses, diagnostic tests to order, and appropriate patient management strategies using relevant and timely references to support your decisions. The organization of each case study simulates the patient care journey from chief complaint to outcome.

Serving as a virtual clinical preceptor, this workbook can be used independently or in a classroom setting. It is accompanied by a robust online student supplement that provides answers to all questions, real outcomes of the cases, and valuable personal insights from the authors on how the patient was successfully managed. Not only will this workbook help you work through patient cases clinically, it will also share important, but often overlooked, bedside manner skills needed to successfully communicate with and care for your patients.

Covering conditions across all organ systems and across the lifespan, this workbook is organized by chief complaint, providing an authentic perspective on what to expect in the patient care environment. It even includes information on pathophysiology and how to use ICD-10 and CPT (E/M) codes in your documentation. The book uniquely weaves together both the science and art of medicine by including personal insights into quality and compassionate care.

Key Features

  • Provides real-life patient cases from an interprofessional author team of physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and physicians
  • Uses a templated case study design and critical thinking exercises to help you methodically work through various patient scenarios
  • Teaches clinical and bedside manner skills imperative for delivering quality patient care
  • Covers patients across the lifespan, including pediatric, adolescent, adult, and geriatric populations
  • Offers additional insight on patient education, medical and legal concerns, and interprofessional collaboration
  • Includes a robust online student supplement with valuable insights from the authors on how they successfully managed the cases
  • Provides instructors with a table of contents that is filterable by chief complaint, diagnosis, patient population, and organ system

*Details changed to protect patient information.

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