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Epidemiology for the Advanced Practice Nurse

A Population Health Approach

Demetrius Porche

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Medizin


Written by nurses for nurses, this graduate-level text disseminates the core principles of epidemiology within a population health framework and provides practical knowledge nurses can use to analyze and improve healthcare in the community. Informed by the evolution of epidemiological science resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, this book demonstrates how epidemiology can have a profound impact on health. It showcases a variety of settings and epidemiological roles demonstrating the importance and practicality of this discipline.

Clear and concise, this text explains the basics of population health followed by epidemiology concepts and designs. It is distinguished by its application-based case studies, analytical tools of epidemiology, and calculations, which foster skill development and necessary familiarity of the subject. Also included is an important Biostatistics Primer, relevant content from Healthy People 2030, and an "Epidemiology in Practice" section focusing on examples from different epidemiology arenas.

Key Features:

  • Includes application-based cases, tools, and calculations throughout to help students develop practical epidemiologic skills
  • Provides background and understanding of health disparities and determinants of health
  • Includes relevant information from Healthy People 2030
  • Includes discussion questions, learning objectives, terminology review, tables, and figures in each chapter
  • Delivers up-to-date information on epidemiology in the time of Covid-19
  • Includes access to an Instructor's Manual with additional case studies