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Introduction to Group Counseling

A Culturally Sustaining and Inclusive Framework

Rachel Vannatta, Kara Ieva, Sam Steen, et al.

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The only group counseling text to embrace multicultural and social justice considerations

This innovative text is the first to integrate the constructs of multiculturalism, social justice, intersectionality, and advocacy within fundamental group counseling principles. Interweaving group theory with application, this clear and concise book is distinguished by a multitude of real-world case studies covering a broad spectrum of group leaders, co-leaders, and group members in different settings to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and practices required for effective group counseling in all arenas. These case studies underscore the nuances of group counseling dynamics through an anti-racist, multicultural lens. Challenging antiquated theories and models, the text focuses on the strengths of innovative group counseling models and programs.

Specific discussions of ethical considerations and multicultural and social justice counseling competencies for group workers are included in each chapter, along with multiple opportunities for experiential learning including discussion questions, small group activities, skill application, journal starters, and homework activities. An extensive suite of ancillaries includes an Instructor’s Manual, Test Bank, PowerPoints, and Podcasts.

Key Features:

  • Integrates multiculturalism competencies and social justice concepts with fundamental group counseling principles
  • Delivers multiple real-life case studies illustrating nuances of group counseling in different settings
  • Provides a convincing argument for the value of group work along with a specific chapter on the training group experience
  • Offers balanced coverage of group counseling skills and group development theory
  • Champions innovative group counseling models and programs

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