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Women's Health Care in Advanced Practice Nursing

Ivy M. Alexander (Hrsg.), Elizabeth Kostas-Polston (Hrsg.), Nancy Fugate Woods (Hrsg.), Catherine Ingram Fogel (Hrsg.), Versie Johnson-Mallard (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Medizin


Replete with vital information, the second edition of this authoritative women’s health text provides graduate nursing students and nurse practitioners with the resources to deliver optimal health to women of all ages. Edited by a team of highly distinguished clinicians, scholars, and educators, chapters retain a distinctive sociocultural lens that gives a view of women’s health as it relates to women’s lives and identities. Eighteen new chapters address clinical primary care topics, genetics, environmental and occupational health promotion, health considerations for female caregivers, transgender care, urologic health concerns, dementia care, and more. An instructor’s toolkit includes multiple resources to enhance critical thinking, and case studies engage critical thinking skills to apply the multidimensional content in context.

This uniquely comprehensive resource examines women’s health through a variety of clinical practice and theoretical frameworks such as feminism, feminist theory, and globalization. The second edition retains the important focus on prevention, managing symptoms, and health problems that are unique to women. Chapters address relevant legal issues, health throughout the life span, nutrition and exercise, sleep difficulties, mental health, LGBTQ health, fertility, substance abuse, violence against women, and dozens of specific health disorders.


  • Updated to include the most current evidence-based, primary care management guidelines in women’s health
  • Includes 18 new chapters addressing health promotion and symptom management
  • Provides a robust instructor’s toolkit to foster critical thinking
  • Organized to enhance easy retrieval of numerous clinical topics
  • Includes theoretical frameworks for women’s health, health promotion and prevention, and women’s health management
  • Presents brand-new information on genetics, transgender health, endocrine-related problems, health considerations for caregivers, and dementia care

  • Distills cutting-edge information on women’s health issues through a sociocultural framework
  • Offers a comprehensive investigation of key topics in women’s health
  • Edited by renowned scholar/educators for advanced practice nursing students

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