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Career Development, Employment, and Disability in Rehabilitation

From Theory to Practice

David Strauser

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This text provides, from a rehabilitation perspective, comprehensive coverage of the dominant theories and techniques related to the occupational development, vocational behavior, and the organizational factors that impact the career development and employment of individuals with disabilities. It is designed for the CORE-mandated required course on employment and career development for the Master's Degree in rehabilitation counseling and for Licensed Professional Counselor certification. As the only book in rehabilitation and counseling that broadly addresses career development and employment of individuals with disabilities, it is a major contribution to the literature.

Topics covered include major constructs in career development and employment of disabled individuals, theoretical foundations, occupational assessment, information and evaluation, intervention strategies, and populations and settings. To facilitate learning and promote application of theories and techniques, each chapter includes chapter objectives, discussion and review questions, and case studies. An instructor's manual is also included.

Key Features:

  • The only book in rehabilitation and counseling to provide comprehensive coverage of career development and employment and disability-related theory and research
  • Fulfills CORE-mandated requirements and Professional Counselor licensure
  • Authored by respected leaders in the field
  • Provides chapter objectives, case examples, and discussion questions in each chapter along with instructor's manual

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career choice, career theories, ethnic minority clients, rehabilitation, work adjustment, career development, gender, vocational behavior, labor markets, rehabilitation counseling, SCCT, ethnicity, employment, individuals with disabilities, organizational factors, social cognitive career theory