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Physical Change and Aging

A Guide for the Helping Professions

Mary Jean Etten, Elizabeth A. Perkins, Sue V. Saxon, et al.

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"[This book] has been honed into an elegant compendium. This outstanding work should be widely read ñ it is perhaps the best example of an integrative approach to gerontology." Score: 94, 4 stars ñ Doody's

"Phyisical Change & Aging has been a well-respected resource for caregivers ever since it was published in 1978. This updated version carries on the tradition of providing valuable information on the aging process and age-related health issues." ñ Former First Lady Mrs. Rosalynn Carter

This sixth edition of a classic multidisciplinary text for students of gerontology continues to offer practical, reader-friendly information about the physical changes and common pathologies associated with the aging process. It places special emphasis on the psychological and social implications of these changes in the lives of older adults. The book is distinguished by its thorough focus on anatomy and physiology and common health problems pertaining to each body system. It emphasizes the positive aspects of aging and demonstrates how the elderly population can gain greater personal control, through lifestyle changes and preventive health strategies, toward the goal of optimal aging.

This sixth edition has been thoroughly updated to present new research findings that differentiate "normal" aging from actual pathology and includes substantially updated information on diagnosis and treatment. It incorporates new data from healthy older adults demonstrating that the aging process is not necessarily as devastating as earlier research had indicated. The book provides new data and guidelines on risk factors, nutrition, preventive measures, interventions, and commonly prescribed medications, and includes expanded treatment of complementary and alternative therapies. Also included is an updated discussion of grief, ethical issues, and funeral options. The book reinforces information with practical applications of aging data. Written for students of gerontology, social work, human services, nursing, medicine, occupational and physical therapy, counseling, and elder law, it presents information that is clearly understandable for those without an extensive background in biology or medicine. Additionally, the book is a useful practitioner's guide and an easily understandable book for family caregivers.


  • Diagnosis and treatment
  • Behaviors and interventions that promote more control over an individual's aging process
  • Genetic/DNA theories
  • Dementia and Parkinson's disease
  • Immunotherapy
  • Lifelong health disparities
  • Animal-assisted therapy
  • Prayer and meditation
  • Pharmacogenetics
  • Geragogy (self-directed learning)
  • Caregiver health as a public health issue
  • Natural funerals (biodegradable caskets, burial urns, dying at home)

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falls, urinary system, complementary medicine, programmed aging theory, musculoskeletal system, medication, alternative medicine, psychological aging, age-related changes, alcoholism, error theory, cardiovascular system, sensory system, gray hair, biological aging, wear and tear theory, lifelong disabilities, respiratory system, foot care, immunity theory, nervous system, social aging, gastrointestinal system, ridged nails, nutrition, acute pain, exercise, medical professionals, health promotion, reproductive system, wrinkled skin