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Rorty and Pragmatism

The Philosopher Responds to His Critics

Herman Saatkamp (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Philosophie


A penetrating and illuminating exchange of views between Richard Rorty, a highly influential and sometimes controversial philosopher, and seven of his most thoughtful critics, providing new insights into the impact of his work on contemporary American philosophy.

Richard Rorty, William R. Kenan Professor and University Professor of Humanities at the University of Virginia, is a frequent and influential contributor to major literary magazines and professional journals in this country and abroad. Among his best-known book publications are The Linguistic Turn (1967 and 1992), Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature (1979), The Consequences of Pragmatism (1982), and Contingency, Irony and Solidarity (1989).

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