The Outbreak Atlas

Rebecca Katz, Mackenzie S. Moore

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Medizin


The public has taken a new level of interest in outbreak response since 2020, learning epidemiological terms and seeking information about how to stay prepared in a pandemic. Public health professionals are calling on citizen scientists’ participation as outbreaks are increasingly occurring in complex environments, expanding the number of people and types of activities required to control the spread of disease. However, there is no comprehensive source mapping this complexity and detailing needed actions tailored to the public.

For years the Georgetown University Center for Global Health Science and Security has curated an interactive online tool for professionals that identifies the activities involved across all phases of an outbreak. The Georgetown Outbreak Activity Library (GOAL) captures what needs to get done, when, and by whom. Now, in The Outbreak Atlas, Rebecca Katz and Mackenzie S. Moore have translated this complex material into a book designed for a public audience.

This book provides an overview of outbreak activities alongside compelling case studies and visuals to guide readers through the complexity involved in outbreak preparedness, response, and recovery. It lifts the curtain on the rationale and interconnectedness of outbreak responses across different fields and at various levels, presenting accessible information that ensures a shared understanding of the essential activities to control an outbreak.



Infection, One Health, Pandmic, Readiness, Multisectoral, Zoonosis, Pathogen, Disease, Community engagement, Outbreak, Epidemiology, Public health surveillance, Recovery, Transmission, Preparedness, Public Health, Epidemic, Health security, Response, Public health risk