Finding Your Voice in the Psalms

An Invitation to Honest Prayer

Elizabeth J. Canham

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Have you ever railed in anger about some situation in your life and wondered if something horrible might happen because you dared express your rage to God? Or after some trauma, have you experienced the horrible sense of God's absence? If you've had these or other feelings and wondered what to do with them, the Psalms provide a good way for you to pray about any situation. Canham, an Episcopal priest who specializes in teaching and spiritual guidance, explores 7 themes found in the Psalms: hearing God's word in stillness and silence finding stability in God's faithfulness dealing with disappointment, anger, and pain resting in God's grace celebrating creation touching the holy in the ordinary discovering joy and learning to praise Discover the beauty and power of the Psalms. Learn how to write your own psalm about your present experience, desire, need, hope, or joy. Canham says, "In this book I want to share my delight in the Psalms and offer models for praying with them. I write for all the heart-hungry people of God who must live and pray in the midst of very busy lives." An excellent resource for anyone wanting to deepen their relationship with God! Consider using this book for individual or small-group study or sharing it with your prayer partner.

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