Pitching Products For Small Business

How to successfully prepare your business, brand and products, and sell to retail buyers

Laura Rigney

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Have you come up with the next big thing? Or found a new way to improve an existing idea? Either way, your next step is to get your product into the stores on the high street. This may seem daunting or even unachievable but you can do it, without the need for warehouses full of stock and expensive consultants. In this new book, Laura Rigney, founder of Pitcher House (www.pitcherhouse.co.uk), draws on her years of retail sales experience to help you navigate the path from product development and branding to pitching your idea to buyers at high street and online retailers. Topics covered include: - Building a strong brand. - The best sales methods for your product. - All the prior research required, including market and industry research, retailer backgrounds, and how to conduct it. - Where to find information about buyers and how to approach them. - How to structure and deliver your pitch to buyers. - How to maintain and grow your business once your products are stocked. There are also invaluable case studies that give you an insight into what to expect, both from buyers, who describe what makes a good and bad pitch, and from business owners, who describe their experiences. Learn the pitching dos and don'ts from both sides. Pitching For Small Business is your essential guide to getting your product on the high street.

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