Millard on Channel Analysis

The Key to Share Price Prediction

Brian Millard

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Brian J. Millard uses channel analysis to determine how certain share price cycles, made up of both random movement and predictable cyclical movement, should behave in the near future, giving the investor a powerful prediction tool. A considerable proportion of price movement is random and as such, investors cannot achieve 100% success in predicting price movement. However, cycles are present in share price data, and channel analysis can be used to determine their position. Channel analysis enables investors to: - Rapidly scan a pool of 50-100 shares for new opportunities - Identify the start and end of trends only a few days after the event - Use one of three stop-loss methods as added insurance against extreme random movements The author also discusses how probability analysis allows the investor to attain a better estimation of channel turning points, leading to greater profit potential. 'Millard on Channel Analysis' is an invaluable guide for any investor who wants to make money by looking at share price cycles.

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