See-Through Modelling

The Technical Blueprint to Financial Modelling Using Lessons Learned from PFI

Dominic Robertson

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Building and maintaining effective financial models See-Through Modelling provides a solid theoretical and practical basis for becoming an advanced financial modeller in Excel. It gives the theory and practical detail necessary to build and maintain a financial model yourself. This is done with particular reference to project finance and by drawing upon the lessons learned from UK PFI. In this book Dominic Robertson covers the key aspects of financial modelling, including: - Financial theory - Modelling theory - Excel theory and techniques - A step-by-step practical guide to building a project finance operating model - Computer set-up and efficient use - Keyboard skills - Macro-economic data collection He also includes key practical techniques such as how to: - Greater strategic vision due to vast forecast flexibility - Lower risk of modelling errors due to standardised modelling - Decrease reliance on individual analysts due to increased ease of model interchange - Clear, detailed and holistic modelling function training outline Learning to build a UK PFI project finance model is an extremely good place to start to learn financial modelling. UK PFI is like the world in miniature with simplified operations and simplified finance but containing all the accounting and cash elements that make for a wide-ranging experience. See-Through Modelling is for finance directors who are looking for a deeper understanding of the dynamics of their enterprise and those who want to understand the benefits of adopting a see-through modelling strategy within their enterprise. It is also an invaluable resource for aspiring financial modellers in general and project finance modellers in particular.

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