150 Ultimate Business Secrets

From beer and chocolate to lingerie - exclusive tips for success from Britain's elite entrepreneurs

Dan Matthews

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'150 Ultimate Business Secrets' is a distillation of the experience and wisdom of successful businesspeople into a concise, easy-to-follow set of rules that makes it easy for you to access top tips and insider secrets that lead the way toward business success. Britain's elite entrepreneurs reveal how they started, what helped them develop while others failed and, hard work aside, what special thing or things made their creation transform from a hopeful, tentative start-up into a flourishing and admired business. There is plenty of practical business advice that you can put into action to get your business moving. Rules are included on the following topics: starting a business, customers and competitors, family business, luck, leadership... And lots more! Pick up '150 Ultimate Business Secrets' now and take the first step to putting your business on the road to success.

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