How to Be a Dad

The ultimate guide to pregnancy, birth & dirty nappies

Oscar Duke

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- The first doctor-written guide to becoming a dad- Combines the medical knowledge of a healthcare professional with real-life experience- Step-by-step - from conception to caring for your newborn baby- Honest, humorous and engaging, this book answers the questions you've been too afraid to ask At this crucial life-moment, knowledge is power, but you probably know less than you think: What's a cervix? Can we still have sex? Why's the midwife doing that? How do I make up a bottle and is that poo normal? Dad's role is more important than you might ever have imagined, so what can you do to help?'I hope that as a doctor and a new dad, I will go some way towards answering those "e;man questions"e; that never quite make it to the pub, locker-room, water cooler or any other locations where men might find themselves having meaningful chats with another guy. Think of this as a papery man hug in what is a potentially treacherous world of terminology, hormones, social change, sleep deprivation and finally dirty nappies with tiny feet attached.'

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