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Fugitive Colours

Liz Lochhead

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


Liz Lochhead's new collection encompasses a life enriched with people, places and relationships; it is with humour and empathy that these relationships are captured, remembered and honoured in moments of joy and poignancy. There is sadness, truth, hope and optimism throughout the five sections in this collection, and each is varied in scope but are woven together as part of this life. This stunning new collection marks the end of Liz Lochhead's term as Makar (Poet Laureate, 2011–2016) and features never before published work alongside poems written during her time as Makar.

Throughout her career Liz Lochhead has been described as a poet, playwright, translator and broadcaster; she maintains that 'when somebody asks me what I do I usually say writer. The most precious thing to me is to be a poet. As a playwright, I'd like to be known as a poet in the theatre.'

Fugitive Colours is a brilliant, masterful collection.

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