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Tales from Barra

John Macpherson

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Belletristik / Märchen, Sagen, Legenden


The Coddy was one of the most renowned storytellers and characters of the Western Isles at the turn of the nineteenth into the twentieth and beyond, and was the inspiration for Compton MacKenzie’s Whisky Galore. In, Tales from Barra, His warmth and personality shine through these stories, which are a wonderful mix of myth, tradition and anecdote.

This edition includes a large number of traditional tales told in the inimitable style of The Coddy, grouped in a number of themed sections: Tales of the Macneils of Barra and Other Lairds - The MacLeods of Dunvegan - The Laird of Boisdale - Stories of Olden Times - Ecclesiastical Traditions - Place-names - Tales of Treasure - Tales of Local Characters - Stories of the Politician - Stories of Sea Monsters - Fairies, Second Sight and Ghost Stories - Witchcraft.



Stories of Olden Times, Stories of Sea Monsters, The Laird of Boisdale, Traitional Scottish Tales, Tales of the Macneils of Barra and Other Lairds, Ecclesiastical Traditions, Scottish short stories, Fairies Second Sight and Ghost Stories, Stories of the Politician, Tales of Local Characters, Tales of Treasure, The MacLeods of Dunvegan, John MacPherson, Tales from Barra, short stories by the Coddy, Place-names, Witchcraft