The Special Relationship

Australia and the Monarchy

David Hill

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Australia and the British monarchy have always made for an odd couple: the young, rebellious, egalitarian nation wed to the ancient symbol of colonial power. How have the royals come to be as popular now as they ever were? David Hill tells the story of this relationship from the beginning. Many histories have largely ignored the enduring role of the British monarchy in the political and cultural life of Australia. In this wide-ranging book, David Hill traces the highs and lows by setting his sights on watershed moments in Australian history. It is a relationship rife with contradictions. Queen Victoria became a towering influence in Australia and was more revered the longer she reigned - even though she never visited the place. The growth of the 1990s republican movement existed alongside the public adoration of Princess Diana. Ever since Australia was claimed as the territory of King George III in 1770, the pulse of the nation can be measured by its level of attachment to an aristocratic bloodline living on the other side of the world. With the recent rise in popularity for William, Kate and Prince George, the monarchy looks set to enter the hearts and minds of a new generation of Australians. As one of our most popular writers of Australian history, David Hill is our reliable and entertaining guide to this most peculiar state of affairs.