Guidance for Supporting Gender Diversity in Early Childhood Education

Rebecca Bishop, Jenny Fererro

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Gender is complicated and nuanced. Open your worldview to encompass the gender spectrum to create environments that affirm and accept all children.Based on census and population data, it is likely that one or more gender-expansive or LGBTQIA+ child is enrolled in every early education program in the country. Transgender youth and gender diversity is an area of burgeoning research and resources are multiplying by the year.Guidance for Supporting Gender Diversity in Early Childhood Education is a starting pointa primerfor early educators who are interested in learning more about working with and supporting young children who are gender diverse and their families. With a focus on understanding children's gender development, this groundbreaking guide reflects the voices of those you are learning about and connects readers with useful resources to improve teaching and programs.Explore new ways of thinking about genderExpand your understanding of gender-identity developmentDiscover practical strategies to navigate conversations about gender with confidenceHelp support families who have children who are gender creativeSet the values and tone for a classroom culture that ensures all children feel welcome.Supporting gender diversity in the classroom should be a regular part of best practice for early educators. Begin your journey of learning today!