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The Complete Works of William James. Illustrated

The Varieties of Religious Experience. The Principles of Psychology. Pragmatism

William James

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William James was a philosopher who spoke out against the arrogant attitude of scientists who viewed religion as a biased relic of the past. His writings frequently examined the relationship between science and religion. He also tried to defend society from the inhumane tendencies of science. His arguments against the cult of science and technitzism were quite effective and led to the new philosophical pragmatism movement. Many consider The Varieties of Religious Experience as one of the seminal works in establishing a psychology of religion. This collection also includes The Principles of Psychology and Pragmatism. Contents: The Principles of Psychology Psychology (Briefer Course) The Will to Believe and Other Essays Human Immortality Talks to Teachers on Psychology and to Students on Some of Life's Ideals The Varieties of Religious Experience Pragmatism A Pluralistic Universe The Meaning of Truth Some Problems of Philosophy Memories and Studies Essays in Radical Empiricism Collected Essays and Reviews



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