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Alaska Adventure Guide

Melissa DeVaughn

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The author has worked to answer all your questions about travel and recreation in a state so remote. This guide attempts to target your interests and save you time, money, and effort so that nothing is wasted during your trip.

Because Alaska is so big and your options so varied, the guide is organized so you can zero in on the activity or activities that appeal to you most. Thirteen chapters focus solely on adventure travel, each devoted to a single activity.

The five regional chapters that follow focus primarily on the basics in a given area of the state: getting around, shopping, lodging, dining, and entertainment. Once you've chosen the adventure of your dreams, you can go to the appropriate regional chapter to get the scoop on the best places in the vicinity to stay, eat, buy gear, rent a car, and learn about local culture and history.

Outdoor travelers also are likely independent travelers. A multitude of companies offer exciting-sounding jaunts to scenic places all over the state, but many of these outfits work only with tour providers, such as cruise-ship operators, to obtain large numbers of clients per trip--thus excluding people who wish to travel on their own. In this guide, all our listings are available to independent travelers as well as those in tour groups.

The objective is not to provide the most information about destinations or attractions, but, rather, the most useful information. The guide is opinionated, and for good reason. Any destination or outfitter listed here has made the cut by proving itself a wonderful place to visit or a reliable company with which to do business. If, for example, you want to learn more about sea kayaking in Alaska, you will not be supplied with every operation in the business--and believe us, there are many of them competing for your dollars. What you will get is a select assortment of those we consider best, and why. After all, isn't the point of a guidebook to help you make the most informed choices?