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The Trail Hound's Handbook

Your Family Guide to Hiking with Dogs

Ellen Eastwood

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Truly Great Adventures Begin with a Best Friend at Your Side

It’s a great big wonderful world out there—so big that most young hikers, experienced or not, would do well to enlist the help of a capable guide. Enter the family dog. Husky or half-pint, lapdog or Labrador, your dog was born a highly skilled wilderness guide. Employing his or her acute senses of smell, hearing, and vision, your dog can point you to countless signs of life on the trail, turning the average walk in the woods into an exciting wilderness adventure. The Trail Hound’s Handbook by Ellen Eastwood is your best source for planning dog-powered hikes, basic hiking etiquette and safe practices, clues to spotting wildlife along the trail, and assorted tips to make hiking with dogs simple and fun. Learn to recognize your dog’s unique wilderness skills, and find a new way to bond with your family’s best friend.



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