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Backpacking Oregon

From River Valleys to Mountain Meadows

Douglas Lorain

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Your Guide to Oregon’s Best Backpacking Trips

Colorful desert canyonlands, stunning wildflower meadows, glacier-clad mountains—find your favorite scenic escape in Oregon. Authors and hiking experts Douglas Lorain and Becky Ohlsen present 26 of the best backpacking opportunities in the country. Explore the various landscapes of the Wallowa Mountains. See the peaks of Mount Hood and the Three Sisters in the High Cascades, as well as the gaping chasm of Hells Canyon. Each carefully crafted itinerary offers geographic diversity, beautiful settings, and attainable daily mileage goals.

This in-depth guide provides all the information backpackers need, including trail highlights, total mileage, elevation gain, days on the trail, shuttle distances, required permits, and more—not to mention professional photographs and detailed maps. Plus, ratings for scenery, solitude, and difficulty help you to find the exact adventure you seek. As an added bonus, the authors include recommendations for 16 additional backpacking trips. Whether you have three days or two weeks, an adventure filled with spectacular sights and superb vistas awaits.



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