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Yosemite National Park

Your Complete Hiking Guide

Elizabeth Wenk

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The Essential Guide for Hikers, Backpackers, and Equestrians

Yosemite National Park is a hiker’s paradise. Many people return time and again to experience its multifaceted landscapes. With 800-plus miles of maintained trails and several hundred more just beyond the park’s boundaries, the options for exploration are endless. It would take years to visit every corner of the park—yet each trail yields new wonders to admire. Fortunately, expert hiker Elizabeth Wenk helps you choose where to go and what to see in this meticulously updated guidebook.

Yosemite National Park describes almost every trail in Yosemite and most of the trails just outside the park. The routes are divided into 96 trips of varying length and difficulty, each with a standalone map that complements the author’s trip description. Take in the stunning views of the Pothole Dome hike in less than an hour. Plan a family backpacking trip along the remarkably flat Twenty Lakes Basin. Enjoy endless views of El Capitan on the Valley Loops Trail. Discover granite slabs, subalpine lakes, rugged peaks, and endless flowers on the Clark Range Circuit. This classic book leads you to sequoias, waterfalls, and canyons in Yosemite and the surrounding Emigrant, Hoover, and Ansel Adams wilderness areas.

In this book you’ll find

  • 96 routes along popular and less-frequented trails
  • Detailed trip narratives that let you know what to expect
  • At-a-glance icons highlighting the best spots for views, camping, swimming, and more
  • Comprehensive information on lodging, permits, and other park activities
  • Descriptions of the region’s history, geology, flora, and fauna

BONUS: This guide comes with the Yosemite National Park and Vicinity Topographic Map—a separate, foldout, full-color map that shows roads, campgrounds, restricted areas, and all major trails in the park and its surroundings. If you’re planning a visit to Yosemite, you must have this book!



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