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Trinity Alps & Vicinity: Including Whiskeytown, Russian Wilderness, and Castle Crags Areas

A Hiking and Backpacking Guide

Mike White

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Discover the remote ranges of northwestern California

You seek more than just another ho-hum hike. You want rugged wilderness and solitude—a place to push harder and go farther. You crave adventure! The Trinity Alps are a remote, little-explored divide tucked between the Coast Ranges and the Cascades in a half-million acres of backcountry. Grab this comprehensive guide to 600 miles of trails and cross-country routes. Hike to high waterfalls, backpack through deep forests, and camp next to sparkling lakes.

Award-winning outdoors author Mike White presents 55 of the best day hikes and backpacking trips in the region, including trails in Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, Russian Wilderness, Castle Crags State Park, and Castle Crags Wilderness. Detailed trail maps and GPS trailhead coordinates help to ensure that you know where to go. Complete route descriptions, difficulty ratings, elevation profiles, and more let you know what to expect before you arrive. Plus, with information on access, facilities, campgrounds, resorts, pack stations, and supplies from nearby towns, this handy hiking and backpacking guide provides a wealth of information. Trinity Alps & Vicinity is where your adventures begin.



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