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Walking Seattle

35 Tours of the Jet City's Parks, Landmarks, Neighborhoods, and Scenic Views

Clark Humphrey

ca. 18,99
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Get to Know Seattle’s Vibrant and Historic Neighborhoods

Grab your walking shoes, and become an urban adventurer. Clark Humphrey guides you through 35 unique walking tours in the vibrant young city that’s a crossroads of world trade and cultures. Seattle is home to cozy bungalows, stately mansions, postmodern palaces, and outdoor art, making it one of the most fascinating and beautiful metropolitan areas in America. Each self-guided tour includes full-color photographs, a map, and need-to-know details like distance, difficulty, points of interest, and more.

Stroll along wide boulevards, narrow cobblestone lanes, and pedestrian pathways from Pioneer Square to Queen Anne Hill. Explore the U District and the University of Washington Campus, as well as Foster Island and the Arboretum. You’ll soak up history, stories, and trivia on your way to the best parks, shops, restaurants, and nightlife in Washington. So find a route that appeals to you, and walk Seattle!

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