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Pacific Crest Trail: Southern California

From the Mexican Border to Tuolumne Meadows

Laura Randall

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The PCT’s #1 Guide for More Than 45 Years

First published in 1973, The Pacific Crest Trail, Vol. 1, California quickly established itself as the book trekkers could not do without. Now thoroughly updated and redesigned, Pacific Crest Trail: Southern California starts at the Mexican border and guides you to Yosemite’s beautiful backcountry. It winds past deserts, scales high peaks, and cools off in Sierra lakes.

Let PCT gurus Laura Randall, Ben Schifrin, Ruby Johnson Jenkins, Thomas Winnett, and Jeffrey P. Schaffer share more than four decades of expertise with you. They’ll help you with everything you need to know about this 942.5-mile section of the 2,650-mile trail, which traverses 24 national forests, 37 wilderness areas, and 7 national parks.

In this book, you’ll find

  • All-in-one guide by accomplished hikers who have logged over 5,000 trail miles
  • Detailed trail descriptions and alternate routes
  • Full-color customized maps, drawn to scale with one another
  • Need-to-know information for day hikes, weekend backpacks, and an ambitious thru-hike
  • Tips for locating the trail, water sources, and resupply access routes

This guidebook will be your truest companion. So now’s the time to get going. The trail awaits!



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