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Walking Twin Cities

35 Tours Exploring Parks, Landmarks, Neighborhoods, and Cultural Centers of Minneapolis and St. Paul

Holly Day, Sherman Wick

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Walk Minneapolis and St. Paul

Grab your walking shoes, and become an urban adventurer. Holly Day and Sherman Wick guide you through 35 unique walking tours in the urban epicenter of the Upper Midwest. The Twin Cities are home to world-class museums and theaters, a mosaic of distinct neighborhoods, and an extensive greenbelt that combine to make it one of the most beautiful metropolitan areas in America. Each self-guided tour includes full-color photographs, a map, and need-to-know details like distance, difficulty, points of interest, and more.

Stroll from downtown Minneapolis to Minneahaha Falls, from St. Paul’s Hidden Falls Park to historic Irvine Park. Explore the Mill District and its revitalized historic warehouses, and avoid winter’s chill with eight miles of climate-controlled skyways. You’ll soak up history, stories, and trivia on your way to the best cafes, bars, and nightlife in Minnesota. So find a route that appeals to you, and walk the Twin Cities!



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