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One Night Wilderness: Portland

Top Backcountry Getaways Within Three Hours of the City

Becky Ohlsen, Douglas Lorain

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Choose Your Backpacking Adventure Near Portland, Oregon

Spend a night or a weekend in the wilderness, and experience the mountains, coast, old-growth forest, gorges, and canyonlands of Oregon and Washington. One Night Wilderness: Portland helps you choose from a full spectrum of one- and two-night backpacking trips within three hours of Portland. Acclaimed local author Becky Ohlsen and award-winning author Douglas Lorain present 64 featured trips, plus more than 40 bonus trips—from short and easy hikes to extended trips of 20 miles.

Explore the Columbia River Gorge, Coast Range, Clackamas River country, Mount Jefferson, and southern Olympic Mountains. Take in the majestic views of the Pacific Northwest’s signature volcanic peaks: Mount Hood, Mount Adams, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Rainier. The new edition of this popular guide includes all the information you need, including detailed trail descriptions, directions to backcountry campsites, 65 easy-to-follow maps, permit requirements, and more.

Expert author ratings for each trip’s scenery, difficulty, and solitude—along with indications as to which trips are great for kids or are dog-friendly—help in finding the perfect adventures for your specific needs. Plus, first-time backpackers will appreciate the authors’ candid advice on getting started, and parents will enjoy the tips for introducing children to this healthy, inexpensive outdoor activity.

The Portland area is a short jaunt from boundless backpacking opportunities. This comprehensive guide can lead you away from the city hubbub for a night or two of rejuvenation in nature.



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