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Walking San Francisco

35 Savvy Tours Exploring Steep Streets, Grand Hotels, Dive Bars, and Waterfront Parks

Tom Downs, Kathleen Dodge Doherty

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Get to Know San Francisco’s Vibrant and Historic Neighborhoods

From the Gold Rush to the Summer of Love to the dotcom days, San Francisco is a richly historic city of scenic vistas and diverse neighborhoods. This savvy, entertaining guide explores the best of it all. Kathleen Dodge Doherty and Tom Downs guide you through 35 unique walking tours that traverse San Francisco’s length and breadth. These urban treks are great ways to soak in the vibe of the City by the Bay. The walks’ commentaries include such topics as architecture, local culture, trivia, and neighborhood history, plus tips on where to dine, have a drink, and shop. Each self-guided tour includes full-color photographs, a map, and need-to-know details like distance, difficulty, and more. Route summaries make each walk easy to follow, and a “Points of Interest” section lists the highlights of every tour. Walking San Francisco provides the perfect path for a weekend, an after-work ramble, or a sociable pub crawl. So grab your walking shoes, and become an urban adventurer!

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