The Fortune Seller

Patrice Chaplin

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Jesse, a two hit performer, suddenly drops from the international spotlight. By the time she realizes that she is out of fashion, Jesse finds herself in serious debt. She is forced to take work as a telephone psychic. Jesse, known as Isis among the clientele, will have to be inventive. She landed this job because the company liked her voice. But now, like many fortune sellers, she must rely on her wits to keep it. A survivor, Jesse welcomes the anonymity and late-night shifts. This is her chance to rebuild her career - to plan her comeback. This will be her ticket back to showbiz. The future looks bright until readings for an enigmatic new customer land Jesse in deadly circumstances. A supernatural twist of fate draws Jesse into an obsessional love from beyond the grave. No clairvoyant could have predicted the danger that will follow. Patrice Chaplin, author of 36 books and plays, including The Siesta and City of Secrets, introduces this unique paranormal thriller. Based on a true story, The Fortune Seller takes us deep inside the modern-day psychic industry - a booming business fuelled by thousands desperately seeking love, wealth, fame, revenge and glimpses into the future. The Fortune Seller sheds light on the professional psychic performance; the good news pedlars, and also, the genuinely gifted - those rare talents who can attune to strangers to receive messages, remarkable yet undeniably accurate. Follow Jesse into this night world - where truth is hard to find. And where seekers and channels follow heavenly guides across celestial trails, dimensions and time.

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