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Raising Mary Jane

Christian Van Allen

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


It’s 1969, and Wesley Daggert has arrived in Big Sur with nothing but his car, a suitcase, and $300. Struck by its beauty and the free-spirited local community, he decides to stay and make it his home.

Moving to idyllic Big Sur was the easy part. Little did Wesley know he would soon be immersed in an epic adventure that included wildfires, wild parties, marijuana cultivation, and being chased through the mountains by sheriff’s deputies.

Set in the 1970s along the dramatic Big Sur coast and based on a true story, we follow Wesley’s early dabbling in marijuana cultivation to his becoming one of the largest growers of high grade sinsemilla on the coast.

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Literary, Big Sur, Sinsemilla, Action & Adventure, Marijuana, Coming of Age, Small Town & Rural