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On The Road from Burns

Stories from Central Oregon

Ted Haynes

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On the Road from Burns brings to life a still remote part of the American west.  In sixteen stories dating from 1853 to 2039, Ted Haynes presents fascinating characters facing the wide open opportunites of this beautiful land.  We meet pioneers, Indians, scoundrels, lumber camp women, and even aliens who love to ride horses. The stories in range in style from humorous to sad, from suspense to romance, and from realistic to imaginative. In "Bridges" a rancher rides two days with his young son to see the 1911 engineering marvel of a railroad bridge being built 320 feet above the Crooked River. In "Do No Harm" a frontier doctor in La Pine outsmarts a gang of outlaws. A golfer encounters a very strange tournament on an impossible golf course in "Local Rules". "Fatal Errors" tells the story of a man who witnesses an attempted murder and lives to regret that he said nothing about it. In "Prisoner of Conscience" an Italian POW escapes from a camp near Sunriver to live in the forest and climb Mt. Bachelor. The older man in "Living Well" must find, with the help of his wife, a way to relate to a grown-up daughter he never knew existed. The stories are told by a rich variety of narrators - men, women, third party, and omniscient. A great introduction to the storytelling potential of the vast and rapidly growing territory of Central Oregon.

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