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Buyers' Guide to Outboard Boats

Selecting and Evaluating New and Used Boats

David H Pascoe

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Ratgeber / Wassersport, Segeln


This book is totally dedicated to blue water type outboard boats, not jet boats, I/O's, pontoon boats, bass boats or mega yachts. You won't be just reading part of it and disregarding the rest. Or paying for something that is irrelevant. What I mean by "blue water" type boats are boats that are sea worthy for heading out into larger bodies of water, not just small lakes and protected bays, etc. Buyers' Guide to Outboard Boats strives to be relevant to both the novice and more experienced boat owner by addressing the real world issues he faces based on the hundreds, perhaps even thousands questions I'm asked by customers when I do surveys for them. Many people want to totally simplify the matter by asking, "Which boat should I buy?" Ah, if life were only that easy! No one can answer that question since no one but the buyer knows completely what he wants and can afford. Illustrated with over 140 real life photos and drawings New Boats - Used Boats Learn to make your own assessment of boat quality What constitutes good design and bad design Why so many boat builders make serious mistakes. What to look for and how to avoid them. Sea worthiness: The right boat for the right waters. Performance Issues: Why do some boats perform better than others? How to avoid trim problems. Ergonomics: The art of designing products that fit your body size. Nowhere is it more important than with a boat. Navigating the turmoil of the outboard motor market. Choosing the right power options: Outboard, inboard or stern drive. Critical elements of boat rigging Stress cracks: What do they mean? How to research prices and market values.

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