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Instant Leadership

616 Tips and Tools to Boost Your Performance

Cy Charney

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Can you "instantly" become a leader? Certainly not. 
But, can you become more effective each day? Absolutely! The journey to excellence is a never ending one that challenges all leaders daily. This book is a wonderful resource that can accompany you on your learning journey. Instant Leadership recognizes the complexity of organizational life by offering its readers the opportunity to be more effective quickly by making available a host of tools organized into 70 essential topics. In each short chapter you'll find a checklist of ideas - nearly 700 in total - some new and others important reminders. All are practical, and most can be put into practice right away. Which is why this book should be an essential companion for veteran and new leaders alike. This book is your ever-ready mentor. It covers topics such as: • Strategic Leadership: (alliances, change management, governance, transparency and sustainability) • Leading Your Employees: (coaching, training, mentoring, retention, and managing Millennials) • Performance Leadership: (accountability, innovation and measurement) • Leadership Fundamentals: (humility, authenticity, decision making, ethics and problem solving)

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