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The Mom Ministry

Lisa M Hartell

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


The Mom Ministry is a spiritual trumpet call to today's Moms, parents, and anyone interested in learning how to raise the next generation. God is calling us to be set free to see our parenting and training as God sees it - as a supernaturally empowered ministry. A compelling message, motivating readers to be transformed and used by the Spirit of God to raise up a generation that will impact the world with the power and presence of Christ Jesus, like never before. A move of God is being released today through Holy-Spirit-led people to call forth and raise up the next generation to know who they are in Christ and to be fully led by the Spirit of God. Readers will hear more about about how to flow in the gifts of the Spirit, the vital role of worship, the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit to set you free, and to rise up and embrace a deeper walk with the Him. The Mom Ministry inspires, encourages, and equips Moms to know the times and know what they should do (as I Chronicles 12:32 states). It's time to be fully awakened and led by the spirit of God and used by Him in miraculous ways at home, your workplace, and in your community. Mom Ministry Conferences, Workshops and life-changing ministry forums are available and are changing lives and homes all over the world.

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miracles, divine purpose, supernatural, church at home, encounters with God, motivational books for women, raising spiritual children, five-fold ministry, inspiration for moms