If You Could Read My Voice

Mark Daniel Curley

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If You Could Read My Voice is a compilation of the best pieces from Mark Daniel Curley's nighttime AM radio show, SportstatiC, from the year 1998. This compilation was originally written and printed, in a very limited but unpublished run, in early 1999. The content has been preserved in its original state for this e-book, from Preface to Table of Contents to Main Text to Index. This was Mark Daniel Curley's first crack at professional writing, and his subsequent newspaper columns, book, and musical musings each show an upward trend in the quality of his work. So although this book was only the starting point, it stands on its own as an entertaining read, even though many of the references are quite dated and/or obscure. Please feel free to laugh, roll your eyes, or even catch yourself unwillingly agreeing with him from time to time. And for those of you who can't take a joke, the following disclaimers should save everyone some time and legal fees. Because these pieces were written for, and broadcast on, a live radio show in the late 1990s, any damage someone might have suffered then is long healed. Also, many of the lines written herein as factual 'reporting' are clearly jokes, satire, poking fun, or any other such phrase that refers to constitutionally protected comedic speech. So please bring your sense of humor to the party, and check your attorney at the door. Please note that the Table of Contents and Index refer to specific page numbers in the printed book, but the electronic conversion has rendered those numbers moot. The Table of Contents and Index were left in strictly as fun reads as to what lies ahead, or what has just passed, respectively.

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