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The Water Tower Club

a novel

B K Mayo

ca. 6,99
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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


From the author of the award-winning novel Tamara’s Child, comes a story crackling with mystery and suspense.The day after graduating from high school, Darryl Coombs fled his hometown of Grotin, Kansas, hoping to put the memories of his nightmarish childhood behind him forever. His only regret—he’d had to leave his beloved little sister, Libby, behind. Now, ten years later, Libby’s arrest on a charge of attempted murder has Darryl reluctantly returning to his childhood home. He is desperate to save his sister from prison, but first he must survive the descent into the rabbit hole of his past.When his efforts to exonerate Libby lead to the exposure of a devil’s bargain so hideous as to be unthinkable, Darryl unwittingly takes action that sets in motion events that tear apart the fabric of a community and send him on a personal journey the end of which he could never have imagined.



contemporary fiction, romantic relationships-fiction, Kansas-fiction, club for boys-fiction, mother-son relationships-fiction, gun violence-fiction, peer pressure-fiction, rural-fiction, wind farms-fiction, homicide-fiction, gun accidents-fiction, mystery-fiction, wind power-fiction, small town-fiction, traumatic brain injury-fiction, child molestation-fiction, siblings relationships-fiction, sexual abuse-fiction, suspense-fiction, Midwest-fiction, dysfunctional family-fiction, bullying-fiction, local politics-fiction, Earth Liberation Front-fiction, rite of passage-fiction