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Growing Skin

Terry A. Degner

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


What actions did Terry take in the middle of a deadly event predicted by the psychic Jeane Dixon?

In 1964, Terry joins the Navy and finds himself back in the real world, a world far removed from the "soul modeling community" he had been adopted into. Here, he returns to the world of fighting. In Radar A School alone, he gets into seven fights, and for this, he is promoted. Two weeks after reporting for duty aboard the USS Mahan, Terry disobeys a direct order--resulting, again, in a promotion. With it, a "sharp mind" emerges, and his skin begins to thicken as he audaciously faces the many emergencies assigned to him during the Vietnam War.

Follow Terry as he puts in twelve-hour days and takes on challenges normally assigned to higher-ups. Read about Terry's Give-a-Shit Buttons and how his actions save the ship from a disaster predicted by the psychic, Jeane Dixon; how he gives last-minute instructions to pilots going in for airstrikes and calmly deals with Maydays; and how some pilots never return due to decisions made by self-serving higher-ups.

Leaf through his many adventures in port. Read about a mentally distraught sailor shoving a sawed-off shotgun in Terry's stomach; about taking on a barracks full of Korean marines; and about the day he stopped fighting. On a lighter note, learn about his voyage into the world of acting, about the two mind-blowing years he played quarterback on a Navy football team, about his atypical relationship with a ship's captain, and how the captain supported him after he received a Dear John letter.

Following this, Terry enters college; a bright new world appears, and the journey of growing skin and finding himself continues. Until that is, the weight of the world bears down on him again.

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deadly events, the world of acting, a Dear John letter, the college years, Vietnam War, Jeane Dixon predictions, air strikes and Maydays