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Mary Magdalene Beckons

Join the River of Love (Book One of The Magdalene Teachings)

Mercedes Kirkel

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In this award-winning book of spiritual guidance, Mary Magdalene brings us the Feminine aspect of Yeshua's (Jesus's) teaching. Through 25 profound messages, Mary illuminates topics rarely addressed in the spiritual world -- uniting the Feminine and Masculine, healing body shame, the sacredness of sexuality, and emotional mastery -- all leading to living in the heart. Each message is paired with the author's clarifying commentary, taking us even deeper into Mary’s truths.

This long-hidden instruction reveals Mary as a tower of Feminine leadership, in complete union with her beloved male partner (Yeshua). Whether you're new to Mary Magdalene or a longtime admirer of hers, MARY MAGDALENE BECKONS is a gift to your soul.

  • WINNER: Spirituality, Books of the Year Award;
  • WINNER: New Age Book, New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards;
  • WINNER: Body Mind Spirit Book, Southwest Book Design Award;
  • HONORABLE MENTION, Religion/Philosophy Book, Readers Favorite Award Contest;
  • FINALIST, Spirituality Book, National Indie Excellence Awards.

"MARY MAGDALENE BECKONS offers helpful insights for creating balance and harmony between the Masculine and Feminine within all of us. " -John Gray, author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

"One of the most profound books of our day." --Flo Aeveia Magdalena, author of "I Remember Union."

"If you want to hear the real voice of Mary Magdalene, buy this book." -Stuart Wilson and Joanna Prentis, authors of "Power of the Magdalene" and "The Magdalene Version"

"An uplifting guide to finding our hope and redemption throughout our lives, MARY MAGDALENE BECKONS has a strong and positive message, highly recommended."-Midwest Book Review

"Mercedes gives us an intelligent and 'feelingful' Magdalene who can guide us through transformative processes into greater light and deeper love."-Joan Norton, author of "The Mary Magdalene Within" and (with Margaret Starbird) "14 Steps to Awaken the Sacred Feminine"

 "An incredible gift to help those who are going through difficult times. . . . A great deal of insight into ... spiritual beliefs." -Seattle Post-Intelligencer Book Review

"An outstanding spiritual, self-help book. . . . [Reading the book,] I felt love, surrender, forgiveness, and an acceptance of myself such as I have never experienced. A must-read for everybody." -Readers' Favorite Book Review

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