Little Big Apple

Patricia Ann Oaks

ca. 18,78
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Patricia Ann Oaks shares her true life stories, guaranteed to inspire, uplift, and bring you joy. Follow Patricia through the streets of Manhattan, beside the River Seine in Paris, up to Cinderella's Castle in the Magic Kingdom, along the Canals of Venice, California, and south of the border to the beautiful people and beautiful city of Tijuana, Mexico. Patricia hopes to open your eyes to the little stories you might miss if you aren't looking, like sharing a flight with a handcuffed convict escorted by a 400 pound New York City Policeman. Encountering an intriguing little boy on a bridge in the middle of the Spanish housing project in Brooklyn. Going home with a working prostitute on the streets of Knoxville, Tennessee. Trusting a Haitian cabbie to get you to LaGuardia during rush hour. A rooster alarm waking you up every morning in Tijuana. Sharing a banana with an abuela in Mexico. A blue ribbon at the Pinewood Derby and a sixth place ribbon at a track meet. Climbing up a fire escape in your pajamas and breaking into a third floor apartment in Bay Ridge in eighteen degree weather. Cooking a tofu turkey for Thanksgiving dinner on a three eyed stove. Meeting the world in Times Square on New Years Eve. Meeting Elvis in Las Vegas at a French wedding (oh yes, he is still alive). Having dinner at Denny's with a homeless man who speaks in tongues. Dancing on a Mexican bus to hip hop music to and from the worksite. Harboring a moonshiner in a train station in Harlan, Kentucky. Offers to visit "e;the doctor"e; on the Santa Monica Pier. The most incredible preaching and worship in the state of California at Friendship Baptist Church (but only if you're ready to stay for three hours or more). A high school saxophone player who is now marching in the heavenly band. Moving furniture in a garbage truck. Post It Note thank yous all over the house. Bake a Cake philosophy. Bible stories at the Improv. Second chances and do overs. Kilts made out of garbage bags. The adventures of Ramble Man. Unworn Izod shirts. Free ice. The Chocolate Boy. The four minute hairdo. Crayons in the wilderness. Spinning teapots and crying in the Magic Kingdom.

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