Some Day It Will Matter

Every Kid in Trouble Needs a Special Angel. We All Have it in Us to be One.

Kelly Geimer Lance, Suzanne Geimer

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Ratgeber / Familie


Raising kids and a family is hard enough in today's world, but it's the things that are never said that can be detrimental. Parents, guardians, teachers and others who are too busy to notice the subtle hints of trouble ahead can be suddenly surprised to find they have a real problem on their hands. Then of course, they must be prepared to deal with it.

Through this book, mother and daughter Suzanne and Kelly share the story of their own personal struggles, how they learned to communicate effectively and what they experienced over the years in their work with troubled teens at runaway

shelters, drug and alcohol treatment programs, camps and other venues.

As a nurse in an emergency department for many years, Suzanne has seen first-hand the negative outcomes of those who continue to practice unhealthy behaviors. This has given her a true understanding of the importance of encouraging and teaching young people to change high-risk behavior, helping them gain confidence in themselves and develop healthy habits for life. As a nurse, she knows what happens if needed change does not occur. As a singer/songwriter she understands the healing power of music.

If you have spent sleepless nights wondering where you are going wrong with your teens and what you can do differently, sit down with this book and learn the simple ways you can improve communication with the young people in your life. Along with Suzanne and Kelly, the voices of many of the teens they have worked with will also speak to you.

Message from a 19-year-old male at a youth detention facility:

We all need something we can relate to and see as good in a time when there is so much bad.

Message from a 16-year-old male at a youth detention facility:

You are speaking to us through your songs about responsibility.

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