Green City Savior

Christen Civiletto

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Niagara Falls is in need of a savior. In the 1940s, prominent businessman JOSEPH MALVISTI made a decision that resulted in decades of widespread environmental devastation in this long-defiled corner of New York State. Joseph writes a series of deathbed confessionary letters in an attempt to atone for his and his sons' conduct. He also unveils an ambitious plan to bankroll a self-sustaining eco-city on the shores of the Niagara River. But the construction of the community could expose the Malvisti Family's sins - and someone is willing to do anything to ensure the past remains hidden. LYDIA VALLONE is a real estate agent who's hired to help recruit the first group of citizens to this ecological wonderland. At first, miracles surround this ground-breaking project. Blue Pike return to the Niagara River after a forty-year absence. Eagles build nests. The community itself fairly glows with possibilities. But this widowed young mother quickly learns that this 'Green City' isn't as pristine as it seems - and enlists the help of Malvisti's grandson Michael to help discover the truth. Michael leads a recovery-turned-rescue mission in the swift river current, just above the Falls. Lydia's home, her refuge, is burned to the ground. Together, they uncover a horrifying reality and struggle to expose a legacy of corruption, greed and misplaced patriotism. It's a deadly battle that puts faith, family and social consciousness completely at odds. And all Lydia and Michael have to rely on is each other. Or so they think. The book builds to an incredible display of God's power. Niagara Falls sees the beginnings of justice–and healing. Flowers bloom. Animals make their presence known. Peace flows like a river. Some residents attribute the good feelings to the newly bio-remediated river water; others believe that God is at work. As a fresh wind breaks out across the Niagara region, the world witnesses a green revelation that could change everything.

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