Summer's Garden

Gratitude In Nature

Tricia Sybersma

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Summer's Garden - Gratitude in Nature, as the name suggests, takes us though the many ways we can be grateful in the small things. Taking a break from her list of chores and stepping outside into her backyard on a bright sunny day in July 2014, the author was immediately greeted by the celebration of life in nature that was happening right there all around her! After taking it all in for a few moments and feeling refreshed, grounded and present, she captured it somehow so she could be reminded of the magic when she didn't have access to the outdoors such as while on an airplane. Letting the colors and sunlight guided her eyes, she took some photos and was moved by the colors, shapes and texture; where the moments captured in the images held a clue, a tidbit of wisdom, a story. The words for each image came to her, as the theme emerged. With each image revealing its story, there was - an invitation to experience gratitude. In the perfect diversity found in nature, we are gently shown how to bring gratitude into our everyday lives for ourselves and our communities. Now the images and words live here in this book to be enjoyed and shared anywhere, anytime, as one only needs to open the pages and nature will do the rest.

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