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The Art of Commercial Conversations

Drive Revenue. Increase Margins. Sell A Difference.

Bernadette McClelland

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This book is different! It provides mainstream how to's and what to do's with a left of field focus on they WHO and WHY. It taps into what REALLY contributes to business success when it comes to revenue generation, day to day leadership and activation of those results that matter the most through modern day commercial selling conversations.

It's an invitation and a wake-up call to begin having commercial conversations that provide a win for everyone - you, your buyer and the greater community as well as providing chapter after chapter of calls to action!

This game changing book will ensure you:

*  Understand how to approach your market, own your personal leadership skills and emphasise the value of you in a changing world.

*  Discover how to focus in on your conversations even more by leverating your thought leadership skills and deeply defining the value of your offering whilst also remaining compeititive and relevant.

*  Accelerate and elvate your outomes by drawing on your sales leadership skills to demonstrate and appreciate teh value you, your solution and your company provide to your market.

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