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The Legend of True Love

A Psychic Romance

Josephine Celeste

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


A heartfelt story of little Destiny who discovers that she has psychic gifts. She meets her Spirit Guides who take her on various adventures into other worlds. Along the way they teach her some of the Ancient Wisdom & teachings. She learns about Twin Flames and the legend of true love.After a dramatic event little Destiny makes a decision to block out her psychic gifts.She grows up, starts work and gets married. Some years later, during a major life crisis, Destiny reconnects with her  gifts and Spirit Guides once more. They help her through a very difficult time and steer her towards the path she should follow.The question is: will Destiny meet her Twin Flame, her one True Love?

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romance, fiction, love, past lives, twin flame, legend, spiritual, Atlantis