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If Your Head Can't, Your Heart Will . . . But What If That's Broken Too?

Mariana Maniscalco

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Mariana Maniscalco was living a typical teenage life, when she was blindsided by a rare bacterial infection that ran wild in her body, resulting in a massive stroke, three brain surgeries and open-heart surgery. It was a one-in-a-million unlucky break. But Mariana is a one-in-a-million girl. She handled her nightmare with uncommon grace, insight and humor that will leave you laughing and crying. How many people, while being rolled into the operating room for open-heart surgery, would be leading the doctors in a rousing chorus of "Mr. Sandman?" "If Your Head Can't, Your Heart Will . . . But What If That's Broken Too" is an amazing story about survival, love and an appreciation for the little things that make life so precious.

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