Dear Black Twitter

poems on the young black experience

Jasmine Furr

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


Do you remember the first time you realized your race? Do you remember an incident that led you to believe your life would be different because of your race? For years, we've carried around thoughts and emotions that seem to only be addressed during times of crisis. Well, here we are in the wake of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Where do we go from here? Who are we in the midst of consumerism and police brutality? With all of the events surrounding the #BlackLivesMatter movement, there must be a book that speaks directly to the young black experience. #DearBlackTwitter is the answer to the call. Many will tell you the events around the death of Mike Brown and Eric Garner are a flash in the pan; however, anyone who reads this book will open a world of clarity. What kind of clarity? Identity: how we can see ourselves Love: how we can love each other Solidarity: how we can maintain a strong community So, can things finally change? Is it possible to wake up to a better situation, a world that gives each person life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Is it possible to love yourself, love a man or woman, and even love all mankind in the face of these incidents? Yes! It is possible! In this powerful book, three-time author and speaker, Jasmine Furr, vulnerably weaves personal stories and universal concepts to steer us into a positive direction. Jasmine is a young black woman in her 20s who grew up in St. Louis, MO and actively protested in 2014. In #DearBlackTwitter, she covers ideas usually communicated behind closed doors...until now. Every single person can benefit from #DearBlackTwitter. The reality is that these concepts aren't being taught in school and aren't talked about in the work place. So where is our outlet? Already clear on your approach to the #BlackLivesMatter movement? Already did your "fair share" in creating a better world? This book will show you how to harness that power to create even more abundance for yourself and others. Are you a person under 40? You can enjoy this book with no fear of an older person "looking down on your generation". Are you older or not a minority? You get a glimpse of the young black experience. Are you not into books on controversy? No worries, this book is about love, not hate. Unlike many books on race, It's upbeat, fresh, and inspiring. This book leads to real solutions. Don't waste your time feeling lost in a race war. Tap into something real, that will leave you with a clear mind. Get your copy of #DearBlackTwitter today!